Wednesday, 30 January 2008

John Isaac

John Isaac is a Kentish gadget-botherer, procurer of tales and can convince by his presence like no other man on earth. He was the front man for Revolver, the much maligned surf shop that was a proper surfshop and is now sadly passed. For a brief couple of summers, Revolver was the beating heart of a group of friends and a focal point of a lot of good stuff in Cornwall that hasn't since had a centre. The place was like a beautiful lotus flower in the rancid pool that is Newquay. If you were there, then you'll dig what I am saying. Since Revolver's passing John has been having babies, taking pictures, becoming a bit obsessed with odd cameras, English belly boards and tweed whilst purveying fine, often strange custom orders for the discerning resin fetishists of England. He's a pilgrim good and true and his rancid bay births some cool sticks (including a 10-0 pintail speed shape of mine in British Racing Green that flies when it's juicy). We eagerly await the resurrection of the shop. With a little help from his friends, he can make it happen.

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